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Full Menu

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Pannacotta Lamington  NF
Lemon capri torte  GF
Hazelnut torte  GF
Black Forest  GF NF
Valrhona manjari chocolate  GF NF
Date and almond with salted butter caramel
Black sesame chiffon with dulcey ganache,
peanut brittle and honeycomb (seasonal)
Lemon, Ricotta and Almond
Lemon dream  NF
Pavlova  GF NF
Family chocolate cake  NF
Old fashioned vanilla cake  NF
Wholesome carrot cake with spelt
Chocolate, raspberry, buttermilk cake  GF
The joy of a lemon drizzle cake
Pistachio, raspberry and rose  GF DF
Banana, chocolate, hazelnut loaf
Italian Christmas cake (seasonal)

Fine apple tart  NF
Pear tarte tatin  NF
Brown butter tart
Rhubarb and ricotta tart  NF
Salted caramel and chocolate tart  NF
Brûlée tarts  NF
Strawberry, Ricotta and Pinenut
Baked lemon tart  NF

Hand iced gingerbread  NF
Dark chocolate chip
Gingernuts  NF
Baci  GF
ANZAC biscuits
Jam drops
Peanut and chocolate malt

Sour cherry Amaretti  GF

Vegan cookies
Chocolate chip      

GF: gluten free
DF: dairy free
NF: nut free                

Other sweet things
Iced honey madeleines
Vanilla Sice
Cinnamon crullers
Scones with jam and cream
Sour cherry brownies
Peach tarts (seasonal)
Quince custard tarts
Fig and ginger tarts (seasonal)
Raspberry sablé tarts
Salted caramel éclairs
Apple and rhubarb pies
Chausson aux pommes

Maple and walnut fudge
Raspberry and rose rocky road
Sour cherry, chocolate, orange and rosemary nougat

Bran muffins 
Sourdough crumpets with ricotta and honeycomb
Almond Croissant
Pain au Chocolat
Cinnamon morning bun

Leek and gruyere tart
Zucchini, chilli and gruyere bun

Pies/Sausage rolls
Lamb, potato and rosemary
Chicken, leek and tarragon
Pork and caraway sausage roll

Sandwiches: see daily menu for list

We serve Sample Coffee and pots of Rabbit Hole Tea brewed in Brown Betty tea pots.