Black Sesame Chiffon


Black sesame chiffon with Valrhona Dulcey ganache, peanut brittle and honeycomb. Size 10", serves 10-12.
48 hours notice required. Available for instore pickup only.
Serving and Storage: Best eaten same day but will last overnight if kept in a cool, dark place. Peanut brittle and honeycomb may require refrigeration.

Ingredients: Butter, sugar, free range eggs, sesame seeds, sesame paste, Valrhona Dulcey chocolate, cream, coconut oil, water, flour, peanuts, peanut butter, honey, golden syrup, glucose, cornflour, salt.
All of our products are made in an environment where lots of other lovely things containing eggs, sesame seeds, soy, tree nuts and gluten are made. Therefore our products may contain traces of these allergens.